Bioidentical Hormone Balancing (Men and Women)
Preventative and Regenerative Medicine
           Chronic Fatigue
           Adrenal Fatigue
           Low Libido            Leaky Gut Syndrome
           Depression / Anxiety            Fibromyalgia
           Sleep Disorders            Thyroid Disorders
           Weight Gain            Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
           Hot Flashes / Night Sweats            Auto Immune Disorders
           Brain Fog            Metabolic Disorders
           Menstrual Imbalances / PCOS PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatments
Family Medicine
           Joint Treatments
HCG Weight Loss Treatment
           Facial Rejuvenation
Cosmetic Procedures
           Hair Loss Treatment
           Botox Personalized Nutrition and Supplementation
           Dermal Fillers
In Office Specialty Laboratory Testing